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Told my son that he and Dad had to do whatever I asked on my birthday so I asked them to go fishing with me. I pretty much let them choose the place (the jetties) even though I'm not crazy about the jetties I've heard they have been catching a few fish out there. We launched out of GYB about 7am and got a quart of shrimp. Stopped one place past the boat cut my husband caught a 17" trout. Moved to a rougher area but me or my son weren't real crazy about bouncing around so we moved back near our first location about 9:30. I caught a 20" trout on a shrimp. A few minutes later I looked over and he is bowed up. I said are you stuck on the rocks again but I could then see the line moving. He said I think I have a big fish. He fought it around the boat a few times and then we saw it. It was a beautiful bronze beauty. I netted it and she measured a hair over 28" and about 8 lbs. He was pretty excited that he finally caught a big red. He also caught an 18" trout and 2 little drum. All fish were released. Not too bad for a 3 hour fishing trip. Let them go in early so they maybe would go with me again some day.

My son was using one of the new Laguna Inshore Series spinning rods and it handled that big red like a champ and it was bowed way under the boat several times.

The live shrimp are pretty big right now so don't plan on getting very many in a quart. We were freelining the shrimp pretty close to the rocks.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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