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I just saw a report on TV where they showed a palm frond and said that a great many of them were still laying around Florida because of the past three hurricanes. The point was that they could be picked up by the wind and fly like arrows. Heck, the individual frond blades even look like the barbed stalks of a feather. - Anyway, it is easy to conceive of a hurricane launched palm frond as being very similar to a bow launched arrow. This leads to my question.

What is the speed of an arrow at striking distance? What is the impact force in lbs/square inch?
All I can find is a study that lists speed at two meters as 181 mph. It does not give lbs of draw nor length or weight of arrow. How do these variables affect speed and impact force.

If a palm frond (5 to ten lbs ???) is picked up by a 100 mph wind and is carried at 70 mph (according to cable weather/news) what is its impact force and how does that compare to bow striking force at hunting distance?

I don't know the answers, but I don't think I want to be outside in the oncoming Florida hurricane.

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