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Great show on 740AM (houston) Coast to Coast Radio Talk show. Had a very good person on tonight Kevin Mitnick. He said almost word for word what I have said for years. Protect your computers. A study was done at Easter, A computer security group went to a train station and offer people a free cholate bunny in exchange for their work passwords. 7 out of 10 gave them up. Another was the story about the Nigerian (winnings), lady gave them $500,000.00 sent by wire. She worked for a law firm..hummm Thought she could replace it when she recieved her $30,000,000.00
Also talked about the new IE6 exploit that I will not mention but know about because there is no fix at this time.
Talked about us having some sleepless night lately because of the DNS attacks, did anyone see this on the news? It was a big one. He also talked about the script kiddies I mentioned a few weeks ago.
Mentioned the Lowes attack, couple of guys sitting in the parking lot of lowes hardware collecting credit card information using a wireless network. Thats correct, they do not have to be inside the building to collect the information you transmitt. There was a very good show about Whitehats on TV a year ago. They would drive down the streets in Washington D.C. and using a wireless reciever and a few other items from Radio Shack, you could collect information from the people in power.
Now they can attack you cell phones, and you could get stuck with a hugh bills for calls you never made.
Scary Scary stuff. I will not go into on the board.........
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