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Hey guys, Iv'e been a little busy so didn't get to plan a lunch in early June. For all who are interested, let's meet next Wednesday at Rockin-A Cafe in Beaumont around noon. I will be there a little sooner to get our spot. Hope to see the "regs" and would love to meet some new faces. Post up if you can make it please.

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Will miss this one due to one of two things. Or both.

A: Sitting in a pool with a beverage of choice that has an umbrella hangin in it.

2: Fishing off shore with my real bro catching Dolphin off the coast of Cancun.


Should be around for the next one. Ya'll enjoy.


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I'm gonna go ahead and take one for the team here....since your gonna be outta town I'll go ahead and run your new boat for ya and get some fish slime in it...you know kinda break it in. I know, I know...it is a big sacrifice for me and all but I'll do it for you. I'm really taking a big hit by doing this for you....but that is what friends are for!!!!:biggrin:

Have a good trip!

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