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If you come through Galveston, hit the seawall and turn right. Right before you get to San Luis Pass bridge, there is a water tower on the right...directly across on the left is a beach access road. You can fish the surf anywhere along there for trouts and sharks.

If that don't produce, you can go over the SLP bridge and a couple miles up the road, you will see some Condos on the left. Beach access is immediately passed the condos. Turn left on the beach and go down close to the end..like the last 1/4 mile or so of beach.

If it's too crowded, you can go back to the right of the condos and fish almost anywhere on that beach.

Then, there's always the beach access right under the SLP bridge. Lots of folks fish the surf there, just be extremely careful of the undertow, current and drop offs. Seriously, dangerous so wouldn't recommend it with a young one unless he has a life jacket.

Going this direction to fish may take longer, but there's no ferry wait to contend with, so you'll probably be on the water about the same time.
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