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New Yildiz Shotgun & Dove

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Well, I pulled the trigger on a Yildiz o/u 12 ga shotgun last week. I took it out to the Skeet range on Sunday and was happy with it. Yesterday, I went by Academy and bought the Limbsaver Recoil Pad, installed it and went out for a little dove hunting to close out the day...
Man, I'm really liking the Yildiz... It shoots really well and the Limbsaver made it much more comfortable to shoot.
As for doves, they were there but not as thick as they have been... We hunted for about an hour or so and I ended up with 9 and my buddy ended up with 8... We were hunting down by the Rio Grande River and it sure was nice to hunt as the sun went down in this nice weather we've been having!
Thanks agin to everyone who replied to my "Yildiz Questions" thread; I'm really happy with the gun!
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water turkey said:
I got the cheaper one. Have them bring several out and pick the one with the best looking wood.
I did this at the Academy in Humble. I REALLY liked the first one I opened. The guy behind the counter acted like I was interrupting his day when I asked to see the second one, So after he acted like that I looked at EVERY ONE IN THE STORE, 20ga and 12ga. After the last one I told him I would take the first one and I thought he was going to explode. He shouldn't have been such an a#%Hole to begin with.
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