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The Sea Witch you mentioned works great tipped with a cigar minnow or spanish sardine. When we troll w/in 40 miles we keep it simple like that. Williamson Lures makes the "bait-o-matic." They can be found at BPS, Cut rates, etc.. The "head" of the lure is in a diagnal direction to where it trolls downward the whole time, and it does not spin around. They also make a "cuttlass fish" (ribbon fish) with the same head. Trolled at about 4-5 knots and the kings tear them apart and you dont have to tip them with any frozen baits. We have caught kings, dolphin, wahoo, snapper, and even a nice ling trolling with bait-o-matics. Feather jigs are very effective when trolling weed lines. All of these lures will not damage your wallet either, about $7-10.
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