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I am from Tyler and will be fishing at Sabine Lake this coming weekend. I'm really trying to decide if I want to pull my bay boat that far, use a kayak, or wadefish. Do any of you know any good kayak fishing or wading hotspots near or on Sabine Lake?


What are the minimum pieces of equipment that I would need for wadefishing? I'm guessing I would need waders and some kind of wading boots, but any other recommendations would be appreciated. Do I need to wear a lifevest? How about stingrays, are they a problem and would I need the stingray protection boots from Academy? How do you carry your tackle? Do you keep it in the kayak and pull the kayak behind you?


Since I would only be using the wading stuff maybe twice a year, would I be better off just fishing out of the kayak? What are the disadvantages of doing so?


Would I have access to better spots just using my bay boat?

I appreciate any help. If you are concerned about giving out any special spots, rest assured that I would not convey the information to anyone else and only hit the coast maybe twice per year. PM me if you are willing to share information on places to fish.

Todd in Tyler
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