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I am from Tyler and will be fishing at Sabine Lake this coming weekend. I'm really trying to decide if I want to pull my bay boat that far, use a kayak, or wadefish. Do any of you know any good kayak fishing or wading hotspots near or on Sabine Lake?


What are the minimum pieces of equipment that I would need for wadefishing? I'm guessing I would need waders and some kind of wading boots, but any other recommendations would be appreciated. Do I need to wear a lifevest? How about stingrays, are they a problem and would I need the stingray protection boots from Academy? How do you carry your tackle? Do you keep it in the kayak and pull the kayak behind you?


Since I would only be using the wading stuff maybe twice a year, would I be better off just fishing out of the kayak? What are the disadvantages of doing so?


Would I have access to better spots just using my bay boat?

I appreciate any help. If you are concerned about giving out any special spots, rest assured that I would not convey the information to anyone else and only hit the coast maybe twice per year. PM me if you are willing to share information on places to fish.

Todd in Tyler

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If this is your first time, don't go and spend all that money on the stuff that is probly not needed. I am not famialer with Sabine Lake any. If the water is warm enough a good pair of quick dry shorts (can be purchased from any fishin shop) and some old tennis shoes, a regualer wadin belt from acadamy with pliers, stringer and maybe a net if you like to use a net should suit you just fine.

I personly don't wear a life vest while wadin... although it could come in handy if for some reason you fall in a hole or slip.

I usually take a small utillty box filled with the essential lures (topwater, soft plastic, and some hooks and jig heads). I attach a strap (mine is from an old basball gear bag) to the openin end of the box at either side and carry it like a bandoleer (i think thats the word i'm lookin for)...

fishin from a 'yak might spook the fish. droppin stuff, movin around etc, etc. plus you would have to navigate your 'yak whilst fishin. especailly if the wind is blowin hard.

AND YES... use your boat. if your first spot doesn't produce you can just up and run to your second or third spot. but fishin from a boat is not my style so I just motor to my spot and anchor then jump out and wade.... just my 2%..JJ

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I fish Sabine quite a bit, so I'll give you my 2 cents.

If you want to wade the water temp is @83 degs (at least it was friday) so you can wade in shorts. Tennis shoes would be OK, I like the security of wearing boots. The water is pretty fresh right now so it's probably safe.

Most of the good wading areas are only accessable by boat. A couple of exceptions, you can drive out on the revetment walls and wade out on the far south end or the far north end. (these walls kinda "belly" out into the lake which makes the water in the center too deep for wading) Neither of these spots offer any protection from our daily south wind however. This is not your best choice!

I don't know much about fishing from a kayak but I figure you probably don't have much range. The boat launches are exposed to the south wind so don't figure on fishing near any of the ramps! This is not your best choice!

Bring your big boat! You can then run accross the lake and access the east shoreline, or LA shoreline. This is your best fishing area and if you want to wade, just anchor your boat and crawl over the side. JJ has it right, this is how most of us fish, wade if we choose or fish out of the boat. This is what I would recomend! :bluefish:

Best of Luck, Fletch
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