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New State Record Trout!!

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It's official. Bud Rowland's world record 37.5", 15lb. 6oz. trout is now the new Texas state record replacing Wallace's 13.11. This is news to me but apparently TPW changed their mind and certified it back in January.

You can carve this one in stone and hang it on the wall because I doubt this one will be broken in my lifetime, if ever. Man what a fish.

Trout record was a long time coming

State revises rule, recognizes 15-pound 6 ounce fish caught in 2002

June 10, 2004

Texas has a new state record spotted sea trout._It's that 15-pound 6-ounce trout caught on the fly by Carl "Bud" Rowland of McAllen, which I wrote about back in August 2002. Rowland caught the 37 1/4-inch Lower Laguna Madre speck in May 2002, while sightcasting from his boat near a spoil bank a short ride from his part-time Port Isabel home.

Houston angler Jim Wallace's 13-pound 11-ounce Baffin Bay trout, which held the state's top spot since 1996, is officially Number Two.


But only recently did Texas recognize this shattered record because Rowland released his fish. It finally was unceremoniously sanctioned on Jan. 24, 2004. Nobody told me.

Apparently, Texas Parks & Wildlife officials changed their minds, and their policy that required fish be brought in and weighed on a scale certified by the state.

The International Game Fish Association had certified Rowland's remarkable catch more than a year earlier as the largest trout ever recorded using 16-pound tippet. Tippet is fly-speak for the leader to which a fly is attached. Rowland's fish is the largest fly-caught trout listed in the IGFA's 2003 World Record Game Fishes, a publication in which his name has appeared several times before.

Joedy Gray, who oversees the TPW fish-records program, told me last week that if Rowland's fish survived the rigorous IGFA certification test, then it should be good enough for the State of Texas. This controversial position of the state has fluctuated during the past two years. Originally, Gray said that out of fairness the state's rules could not be changed retroactively to accommodate Rowland's trout.

Gray also waived the state's 60-day rule for submitting records' applications because it took longer than 60 days for the IGFA to certify Rowland's fish. Rowland said he really wasn't all that interested in the state record. Friends encouraged him to do it. Then, in an unusual move, TPW actually encouraged him to submit his trout information for consideration. Finally the necessary paperwork arrived at TPW headquarters.

I've heard the arguments for and against certifying release fish as state records. Some say the program's credibility will suffer by opening the door to cheating. It would be an easy task to fill a fish's belly with lead before photographing it. Perhaps not so easy would be convincing two witnesses to participate in the conspiracy.

The IGFA requires a photo of the fish being weighed by a scale (usually a handheld scale) and the signatures of two people who were present while the fish is being weighed. In addition, the IGFA requires that the scale be certified and sent to them for inspection. In the case of line-class records, the actual tippet or leader must be inspected and tested by the IGFA before the fish is accepted as a record.

Meanwhile, catch and release proponents argue that if TPW wishes to effectively encourage fisheries conservation, then its policies should reflect this stance. For the state to virtually require trophy-class fish be killed before being considered for the Texas record book would seem contradictory, they say. The department since has adopted a system for release fish, similar to that of the IGFA.

Say what you will about all this, but it's a done deal. So what did Rowland use to entice a strike from his celebrated trout? He used an imitation crab/shrimp-looking fly he tied himself, and aptly named Numero Uno.
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They've caught bigger Trout than that in Florida. With this new 25 inch rule theres no telling what could happen a few years down the road around here.
Glad they certified it. He deserves it.

I personally don't think it should have been certified due to the simple fact of not following the State Rules on Certification. They certified it by way of a Picture? He could have shoved 5 oz. of lead down its throat before taking the picture.
Your right! If they let him have the recored they need change all the rules so everyone can do the same. I really don't care how well known he his and all the fish he has caught, the rules are the rules.Whats next catch and realese deer hunting?
I think I remember that he has several world records

and it was not that big of a deal to him but he said that she was full of eggs and saw no reason to kill her. I for one, am glad Texas came around and decided to do the proper thing. BUT I also see the need for control, I would not just take the word of anyone, I think he falls into a special category, as he targets records and follows IGFA rules. It's a catch 22. Does it make sence that a World Record caught in Texas somehow not be a State Record? I'm glad it was not my decision. I applaud him for releasing her.
Didnt someone else have an IGFA record for a trout caught around the tx city dike a long time ago that weighed more than the 15 lber? I seem to recall it was a hispanic name.
State record

I won't accuse Rowland of anything since I don't know the man and I wasn't there when he caught it. Doesn't really matter now but TPW should have made their ruling immediately rather than wait 2 years. I believe they did change the rules to match IGFA so C&R records are now accepted.

Regardless it was one heck of a fish.
I thought he caught the fish in Baffin??????? Baffin is a good trip from Port Isabel.

No matter what it will promote the C&R theory in Texas.

Hard Head said:
They certified it by way of a Picture? He could have shoved 5 oz. of lead down its throat before taking the picture.
Now Don, even if he stuffed the fish with 5 oz. she still would of beat the record by more than a pound, ;) .

What's up NEIGHBOR?

Rowland caught the Trout in the lower Laguna, not in Baffin Bay.

The State in a moronic move did certify the fish as the state record and for fly fishing.

Wallace still holds the record for rod & reel.

For the TP&W to actually award this to Rowland by bending their own rules really bites in my opinion. It just opens the door for others or does the state just bend the rules for some people?

Amazing really but no real surprise as these are the same folks who make the rules on size and bag limits.


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HH would the lead make the picture weigh more!! Now I know the secret to decent fish pix!!LOL
Why don't they just change records to fish length? That makes a lot more sense to me. It would be harder to cheat, the fish can be released, and there is not a problem with scales. Besides, what is in the belly will make a difference in the weight of a large fish, be it lead or a croaker.
Well I guess the rule are bendable. So rember that the next time you have your l (single ) 25' trout. Make me wonder why we have rules at all when they dont appy to all. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me.That what is wrong with big govorment
Looks like this guy read Badhabits book "How to pose with your Fish"


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I have mixed feelings, but I think it was probably a bad idea by the state. From what I have read about Rowland he is probably a straight up guy and didn't try to pull anything over on anybody, but it just sets a bad precedent. It seems like Rowland wasn't too worried about a state record or else he would have thrown the beast into the cooler. So I wonder if he is the one that pursued the state to certify the fish or somebody else was pushing that?
Look at the jaw and belly on that thing. It resembles a shark!
IIRC, the guy on the left is Bud Rowland.
I'm glad they certified if for him, a record is a record, and a mammoth fish is a mammoth fish. Maybe if the state would have done it earlier then it would have been no problem. Bud is a straight up guy, does a lot for the community down there, I know, I grew up in the Valley and worked for him and some of his family when I was a kid. He is always on huge trout, that is what he targets and he may one day catch one bigger than that one. If he does, then I'm sure they will get it certified for both sanctions so there wont be any argument. Good for Bud!!
It's not personal about Bud. He new the rules when he released that trout. I comend him turning her loose but rules are rules and they should not be changed because someone is "a stand up guy".
Now if only I could find the picture of that world record largemouth bass that I caught and released!!! *grin*
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