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It's called Zerospyware. I have had a look and I'm very impressed. Worldstart has a special on it for 12.95 and has free shipping in the U.S. (Normal retail price is 29.95)

Here's just a small taste of what this can do:
Block spyware before it gets in your computer.
Zero Spyware blocks the spyware BEFORE it is even installed on your computer, for the best preventive technology possible.
Block spyware when it tries to operate.
Zero Spyware actively blocks any existing spyware in your computer BEFORE it even tries to connect to the Internet to send sensitive information about you.

Scan and remove spyware from your system.
Zero Spyware's powerful scanning engine digs deep inside your computer to catch hidden and dormant spyware. You can schedule Zero Spyware to scan your computer as often as you like.

Internet Monitor
Actively screens all applications connected to the Internet, monitors all system processes, and blocks spyware before it can transmit information about you.
Blocks Spyware Installers
Completely blocks all ActiveX-controlled spyware installers before they can install spyware on your computer while you surf the Net.

Disables and isolates spyware to a special folder for review, deleting, or reinstatement should you encounter problems with these spyware and their host applications.

Deep Scan
Scans the registry, hidden files and folders, and your computer drives to expose even the most ingeniously hidden spyware and proceeds to disable and remove all traces from your system.
Cookie Removal
Destroys all bad cookies that collect your personal information for third-party marketing companies.
Intuitive Interface
No special skill or Internet knowledge required to operate this software. Simply install and observe it eradicate all the spyware in your computer.
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