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I've seen many comments here about a lack of choice in rods to match their big spinners.

Thought I share this thread:

Tuna Max

(see the load pics at the end of the thread!!!)

Though it's not 'off the shelf', it looks like a good investment!

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starshine said:
What if that 45# weight had fins and tried to go under the boat? But, your rod still looks like it has more backbone than a Travala.
Thanks, John
You can land a 45 lbs tuna with any regular rod because it has fins. :) Once tuna is dead while fighting (it sometimes happens), it becomes hard to land. :)

I just returned from 6 day panga-mothership trip in Sea of Cortez, Baja and saw GUSA 80 Mega Mag broke in half when swinging a 10 lbs humbolt squid over the rail. So I must be impressive when I see a rod can lift 45 lbs and shows enough backbone.:) I wonder how it looks like when lifting a 45 lbs object on a Trevala rod. :)

It will be an excellent opportunity for me to observe how rods react when fighting tuna on the Big E trip in Oct. as many guys use different brands and different lengths of jigging rods.
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