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New offshore bait

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Hey guys, just posted a little of our trip Sat. but failed to mention of bait. I have been a lurker on this site and mostly read the mail here. I have a 3/4 acre pond and have a problem with "mudcats" in it. I didnt want to ask for the fear of being "run out of town" BUT I have been catching these in an attempt to rid my pond of these and just just started keepn them to try and use for chum mixed with pogie oil. I took about 2 gallons of these cut up n mixed with leftover bait shrimp to be used as chum. We had brought a cpl of boxes of Sardines for bait, wife loves to use cut bait and asked to put a chunk of mudcat on, well the rest is history. I WILL be sitting on my pond this eve catching offshore bait, and will bring 2 - 3 dozen live on our next trip. I dont know how long they will live once they hit salt water but it dont have to be long. I really think the fish offshore mite hit a porkchop if it was presented right.
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