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Ok Guys --- Everyone had a chance to vote and although by a thin margin , I think the new name is a great one ... All the choices were good in my opinion ...

The Catfish Lounge is the winner !!! The name has been registered and within the next 48 hours , you should be www.thecatfishlounge.com and be here ... This will help us greatly in ease of use ..

Also I have set up that we can set up email addresses with this account , so if you want to email me for example - You can get me at [email protected] , if anyone else wants their own email address , just post the info below and I will set it up for you ...

Last thing - In my opinion , we could use some new colors or a color enhancement for the place -- Any suggestions there ? Here are a few I would like you to look at , just to get some ideas ..



If you see anymore out there in the world we should get ideas from , post them here ..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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