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Had an awesome hunt in NM i just got back from. Hard hunt but we had great success. Third year goin, we spotted sheep the first day about 2 miles away, 3 big rams and they were ruttin pretty decent.A lot of hiking but the hard work paid off, my buds hiked in to the ridge we saw sheep on for 2 days while i hung back on the far ridge to walk em in on the rams. Of course the way hunting goes that am they were not in the same spot as usual, but they ended up hiking a few hundred yds on the bowl i could not see and the group were there. It was a dash and scramble to get on them keen eyed suckers but they ended up takin one of the smaller rams and a ewe from 620yds. I was just the spotter so i wasnt totally prepared to see 3 rams step out on my same ridge at 1300yds, but i got my rifle off the quad about 50 yds from me and hiked down to a bench below me that i thought the sheep may walk arount to. After sittin for an hr or so they came around at 900 feeding away, we built rifles just for these long range sheep so i dialed my scope and tried to rest gun best i could, piled some rocks under butt of my gun and sent one. Hit just over its back and they actually ran towards me, i sent another and could not tell where it hit(all alone) so cranked in another while they just stood puzzled. Third shot felt darn good and after the gun bucked me off sight i heard what sounded like a 250lb waterballoon bust. Instantly the ram headed for a yucca and laid down. Other 2 rams just stood there, so i gathered my pack and headed down, took me 2 hrs in that steep country to get there and when i got to my landmark the other 2 rams were laid up at 60 yds, they jumped up and left the area code. Finally saw a horn and piece of belly in a deep ditch between 2 hills, threw a couple rocks and no movement. After i got about 5ft from him i had this feeling i should chunk another rock, i hit him this time and to my surprise he jumped on his feet and saw me then lit out like a rocket. Luckily i had my rifle at my side and just pulled it up and hip shot him between the shoulders instantly foldin him up. This was my last round by the way!! Come to find out my 3rd round hit him dead center of guts, had my 4th shot missed he would have died but i wouldnt have found him. Initial hit was at 838 yds with a 215 gr berger out of my 300PRC. Most memorable hunt to date, sadly i was solo so noone got to witness the insanity. But we all celebrated once back at camp. Ended with 3 sheep out of 4 guys, i know plenty of guys who go up there and never even see sheep. Lots of hunters up there but my advise is best glass u can buy and get off the roads and put in hoof miles, it can be done there are plenty sheep up there.
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