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This is the latest family photo. I have added a couple of new items since the last time I took one of these.

Top: Ruger 10/22 carbine
center left: Ruger Blackhawk .357 Mag in Stainless steel
center middle: Charter Arms .38 Chief's special
Center right: Ruger Mark II .22 LR. Slab barrel in stainless steel
Bottom right: G-21
Bottom center: G-17
Bottom left: G-23 w/G-32 barrel

I feel pretty sure that this will be it for a while. I know I've been saying that after every one but now Miss Pam is starting to snort and paw the carpet with her foot. She's been nothing but patient but I have been pushing the envelope. I finally got the message when I was showing her some pics of how many guns other guys have which is absolutely mind boggling. I'm talking 70 to 80 rifles pistols and shot guns. I said "see, I ain't as bad as those guys." She gave me "that look" and asked me how many of them were still married.

I got it.

So this is the family as it stands (and will no doubt continue to stand) now and for at least two years. But that's fine by me, I'm sweaty with relief that I got this far. :D


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When you can't expand the family, you can always modify it. Trigger job and assorted parts on that 10/22. New grip for the new Ruger .22. Night sites on the Glocks. Its almost like getting a new toy each time.
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