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Not sure how "new" it is, but I just read about ebuckmail ( http://www.ebuckmail.com/page/home.jsp ). It is another cellular trail cam that sends your trail cam photos to you via the web in psuedo real time (3 min turn around). Definitely some cool technology. Now all we need is for these cellular cams to start getting competitive and drop their prices :)

Also, another one that I have known about for a while is from www.pixcontroller.com , their model is called the cellular scout (recently renamed the cellular eye). The pixcontroller is about $170 cheaper than the ebuckmail.

Just curious, does this technology appeal to you guys much? I know cellular service in the area that you hunt is a show stopper for some, (some are trying to utilize antennas now to reach a cell tower though).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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