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New Buccaneer Boat Sunday

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Fished the New Buccaneer on Sunday and what a waist of time and money. This is the third trip of the year and this by far was the worst. With a full boat there were only 14 FOURTEEN snapper caught on the boat. The regular capt. had heart problems and the capt. taking his place can NOT put the boat on the fish. Wind, no wind, current,no current it didnt matter. This was also the second trip where the boat had mechanical problems. The regular capt. can put you on the fish. If you are looking to fish this boat DONT fish until the capt. gets his medical release, or it will be a waist of your time and $$$. A full boat and 14 snapps speaks for itself. I spoke with them and they dont care as long as they get there money. I fish alot of of head boats, its just a cost factor. This was the most expensive boat ride I've taken. It want happen agian. I canceled the next for trip I had booked with them, and I'm looking for a privite charter for about 5 people for several trips.
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YEP!! Been there once, couldn't find/hold a spot it the boat was welded to it!!! Waste of $$ for sure, plus you can't bring a thing to eat or drink and they don't even sell beer! I went on the Texsun II and had a lot better results.
Texsun 11 is much better. Tony Langston was a really good Cap. Not a ton of snapper, but my party had easy limits to 8 pounds. Also caught 1 big shark 50 plus pounds, and a couple of kings. There were some big ling boated as well(not from my party). I had not been out of Galveston in years. Normally SPI, but I was quite impressed by their professionalism, and the size and variety of fish caught. They completly exceeded my expectations. We went out on Monday, and will join them on their next overnighter.
I think both of the galveston charter boats are a waste of time and money, personal experinces i will not go into, i would go with capt. elloit out of freeport. I have heard really good things about his service and plan on taking a trip here real soon.

Take a private charter

Get 5 buddies together and hire a private charter. It will not cost you much more than you pay for a 8 to 12 hour party boat trip. The benefits are great too, a captain and a deckhand to take care of the 6 of you. Not near as many tangled lines, bait always handy, bring your own lunch and drinks. You telll the captain what you want to target and he will get you some if he can, but also take his advice on what is biting. A typical charter in the summer will pretty much guarantee you a limit of snaps and kings, with mahi Aj and ling thrown in. We geneally catch well above our limit and catch and release is alot easier then on a party boat. I have some good friends that charter out of Freeport and would be happy to set you up. I don't spam on here, I figure that's why Mont has advertising and I am sure there are some great captains on this board. If you cannot drag 5 friends together, just post up the date and cost on this board - seems like there are always some folks here ready to go.

One more thing, a good captain will also teach you alot! Just about everything I know about the big blue I learned from some good captains. I have been on several party boats, but once I started fishing on six pack boats I have never gone back!

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I'd have to agree with Andy. The big party boats are a rip IMO. Even some of the 6 pk guys can get burned out. I'd try and hook up with a private boat and save some $$. Share the expenses and make new friends and often times outfish the 6 pk charters. You see we don't have to be back at the dock by 4:00 PM. :)
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