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slip knot said:
I currently have a 15 year old Trane A/C (older style compressor vs Scroll) in my house. It works ok as is, but after storm it put a large load on my home natural gas generator which is 15K or 13K on natural gas. It runs my a/c fine, but during the day, between cycles, my a/c isn't off long enough for it to equalize and boggs down with the generator. Since my a/c is 15 years old, I am contemplating a new a/c unit. I was advised to get a new 4 ton (I currently have 4 ton) with a 2 speed compressor. The a/c man told me it starts up as a 2 ton unit and when needed, it speeds up to the 4 ton a/c and will make start up spikes much easier on my generator and has a super high SEER. Just wondering, if anyone has a 2 speed unit and is it work the extra cost that is bound to be charged for this unit? Any pros and cons? I don't want to buy a new generator and want as high efficiency as I can afford vs keeping a higher tonnage unit and change out my generator. My generator worked fine for almost 2 weeks but did have problem starting my a/c unit a few times during hot time of day due to heavy cycling. I was also told that any new Scroll compressor pulls much less amps starting up than my current unit and should also work with same size unit I am using now.
Any new 4 Ton Condenser with a Scroll Compressor ( and a Hard Start Kit ) will do just fine with the generator you have.... the higher the seer rating the cheeper it will cost to run ( less amps ).

Two speed condensers are usually part of systems installed all at once and are the least expensive to operate. They also ( if installed properly ) give you the best humidity control..

I hope this helps....

Good luck,

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