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Well I know there are a few who run the bird guns in here so hoping someone might know a fella who works on doubles.

I have an old Spanish made side by side that has been gather dust in the safe. It might not be worth the money it would cost to work on it but I figured it would be a good starter for my oldest grandson.

It needs some work on the trigger and firing pin for one side. I could probably do it myself but would like to have it looked over by someone who is up on them to be sure it's good and safe.

Any input for someone around town would be nice.

I have owned a couple of Spanish made 20 ga doubles,double trigger.....both seemed to have soft metal in the hammer sears...the notches would wear and cause the guns to "Double" when fired....even a 20 ga.will get your attention when both barrels go off together....I ordered and replaced the sears in both guns and they functioned fine....so I sold them both...and bought Browning over and unders.... I also sold my AYA Matador,10 ga Mag.....I was afraid if it ever "doubled" it would shatter my shoulder or drive me soo deep into the ground that I couldn't get out.....
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