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Ok, long story short. My shop is concidering going to a rotating A B 3 day 4 day shift.
I am against it mainly because of the limited support that we have. We have a hard time keeping up with 5 days with only 2 support people, much less try to run 24/7.

So I need 2 spread sheets.
One with an A and a B shift ( nights/days 12 hour shift for both A and B) working 3 on and 3 off then 4 on and 3 off rotating shift and I need it for 10 employees on each of the 4 shifts.

And I need another spreadsheet for our current 3 - 8 hour shifts Monday thru Friday with option for Saturday and Sunday.

Basically what I am looking for is a way to view how the shifts play out over time and the ability to change anything to see it's affect such as adding or removing a person.

I need see how the man hours add up over time and see the big picture and weigh out the pro's and con's of this new shift.
I see where it will generate addition man hours per week add relatively the same cost per man hour.

If you feel like putting in your 2 cents on the pro's and con's, feel free but please lets not get into a ******* match over right or wrong.

I will gladly PAY someone for your time to create these spreadsheets for me. PM me if interested.
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