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My mom has a 2001 Toyota Camry, and her last oil change they recommended a transmission flush, radiator flush, air filter, crank case PVC valve, alignment, and replacement of upper and lower radiator hoses. I was floored by the estimated cost of these items.

I saw on TV the other night where they did an investigation of a national chain that charged for all kinds of things, but didn't do/relace what was charged.

Looking for a mechanic recommendation that will do what's necessary to keep her safe, but not do stuff just to run up the bill. Need to make that SS check go as far as possible.

Thanks in Advance!

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I know of a very good one here in texas city if you would be able to make the drive. I used to deal with them everyday as i was the commercial manger at a local parts house. He is a honest person that i actually use myself and send all my friends to. As of matter of fact he has one of my friends cars now that is only a couple weeks old adn the dealer ship wouldnt warranty it. By teh way the name of the place is Mr. Mechanic which is owned by Doug. Give him a call at 409 965 8881

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Slike a lot of work to me..all at the same time.
oil change I can see...
transmission flush..how many miles? (be careful and don't get as power flush or she will be shopping for a new/rebuilt tranny in a month)
pvc..ok can be done and they are cheap if done yourself
the hoses? if they are worn, leaking but I don't know....
radiator flush...again depends on miles and if any reason
alignment..are the tires wearing or car pull??

All the items listed are good to have done, but it seemes wierd to me all at the same time. I can't believe the person did not want to throw in the belt change. I don't own a yota, so maybe someone else will chime in on if normal.

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Bay Gal

OK here is a place its called Velocity Automotive and see Taylor. They are on the Freeway just behind where Tidal electric is close to 1765 there by Kelleys.
I hope it works out for you because seems every time I reccomend something to someone it turns out bad. This place was given to me by a good mechanic friend of mine.

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