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Need Homeowners Insurance

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Just bought a house on the San Bernard River in Brazoria County and need a homeowners Policy. Can anyone on the board help? Thanks, Drshark
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Send Outcast A Pm - Hes A Allstate Agent.
State Farm

Kinja (Tom Patillo) owns a State Farm agency.

I am building a house on the San Bernard right now and was told that the state pool might the only way to get a new policy.
Whatever you do, gets lots of quotes and do your homework. A few hours on the phone with agents comparing rates could save you hundreds. Same with your auto policy. Don't buy from the first one that makes you an offer.

call any broker or just call 800 376 3196 or 281 484 6633
Yes, my wife can help you. We are an independent insurance agency which gives you choices. Top rated companies with great policies. We have been able to help several 2coolers here as well.

Call Janel at 832.620.0862 or email [email protected].

the problem drshark is having is it seems that no one wants to write policies in that area at the present time.....rick
DrShark- I strongly recommend giving tunnelvision or another INDEPENDENT agent a call as they will shop the market and find the best deal for both your standard and flood policies which you will need. Although no doubt well meaning- those associated with specific underwriters will be interested in selling you only their own coverage- rarely the way to find the best deal. Just my 2 cents. The agent I used is Shane Saucier out of Houston (can find on web) and the service has been satisfactory. TK
I sold mine on the San Bernard last year... I had AllState as my carrier (cheapest around) and no problems with any of the storm related stuff for a policy. If anything changed with providing coverage it must have been recent. With that said, I would refer you to Outcast and All State.

Where abouts are you? If way up river, it's possible policies could be different than say south of the 2611 bridge and "closer" to the coast. I was south of 2611 bridge.
Mike Buoy with The Essential Group would be a great help. He handles all of my insurance on and off of the water.

Office - 281-990-6051
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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