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You could use Firefox as the browser....handles most popup. What is the name of the popup you have, you say it's the same 2.

If it's a new computer (guessing winxp) make sure the built-in popup blocker is turned on. In Internet Expolrer, click on tools, You should see popup blocker listed on the drop down list, from there just check your settings.

Next, review the information on this page. http://www.firewallguide.com/spyware.htm
Lot's of good info and links for software. You ran adaware, try microsoft's defender or Spybot S&D. Also be sure to turn off system restore before you run the scans, and once finished, reboot the computer and turn it back on.

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Bill is right. Stick to Firefox whenever possible. As long as Internet explorer has the largest market share, most people won't try to hack firefox.

Personally, I like using windows defender if you're running a microsoft operating system. You can download it free at www.microsoft.com
It is the easiest to use for regular users, and does the best job of cleaning out malware (unless you use the advanced features in spyobt S&D)
to turn off system restore go to
start>control panel
open system
click the system restore tab
check the box to turn it off then click ok
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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