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IS Guys/Techie Folks - Help needed!
Hi folks,

I am working on a project at work to test out a discussion group/forum software package for possible intranet use. At most, I would imagine having 15 active users at a time on the forum. I think this number is high but provides a fairly realistic projection for the top, top end. I need to find a package that is fairly easy to admin since I will be the one doing it!

I am planning to put it on an XP professional box and use IIS as my intranet server. A few questions:

1) Do I need to upgrade the workstation to a server to be able to run a good forum package?

2) Can I get some recommendations on a good forum package that won't break the bank?

3) Are there any other major considerations I haven't mentioned?

Thanks in advance for your help. I have been looking around and would prefer to get some recommendations on it before just diving in.

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