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I know POC like the back of my hand for fly fishing in skinny water. What I don't know is the adventure I'm about to take. My Step-son has asked me to take he in a group of friends on Oct 24-26 fishing for his 18th B-day. I'm not taking my poling skiff but instead taking my brothers 25' Triple Pontoon to accomodate many anglers. I can take this boat anywhere as it only drafts in 7" of water and the middle pontton has welded out pocket tunnel to accomodate the hydraulic jackplate and 200 hp e-tec. With that said we will be throwing live bait, crabs, etc.... I'm thinking Jetties, Pass Cavallo, Mitchells cut. Any thoughts on how to fish like this in POC? I've never done it. I'm thinking on getting them on some bigger fish because I think they would think that is cool. Jack's, Bull Reds, Drum, etc... Any help would be most appreaciated.

PS: Don't laugh when you see the 25' Floating Honky tonk in Pringle. It gets in there no problem.
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