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Need help in getting about 3 pallets of used computers from Carrolton to Tomball by Dec 7th. The American Legion, 8th District has a program where we receive rehabbed computers for use by disabled veterans and veterans getting job training.

We have given out over 100 computers to veterans over the last year. Now we are really low on funds and have 20 donated computers plus CRT's, wiring, etc on 3 pallets in a Carrolton warehouse. I've been told they will weight about 600-1000 lbs as loaded (seems too heavy to me but that's what I've been told).

If we can't pick them up by December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day, BTW) then we lose them.

So, does anyone know of someone with a bobtail or other vehicle that would volunteer to pick up these pallets and deliver them to a warehouse in Tomball? I think the people in Carrollton will load the pallets into your vehicle. Our warehouse in Tomball has forklifts to unload.

I can put you in touch with my District Service Officer who has all the details.

We need help so we can help Houston area veterans.

Howard Mead
Commander, 8th District
American Legion
Home: 713-466-3610
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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