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Need a deer processor

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Just moved to Humble, and I am looking for a place to take a deer that I shot this weekend. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.
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Blue_Wave028 said:
I was in Juniors Texas Best Smokehouse located in Wharton this last weekend and I saw a flyer that mentioned they are branching out with the new location being 290 and Hwy 6.

I make my own sausage but I know a guy who had deer processed there before and they do an awesome job. Their sausage beats out all the processors that I have tried and they make some great "survival sticks." The flyer said they are up and running so I am assuming they are processing deer but not certain. You may want to call them because it looks as though their website hasn't been updated.

i've been wonder if that place has some good stuff,may have to try it this weekend...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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