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Got to do a near offshore trip out of Freeport with Clint (Jetty Cat), Jeremy and Mike. Seas were a little lumpy and bumpy but we didn't let that get in the way of our fishing. Took a little while to reach our final destination but the kings were there and hungry... so were the sharks! I lost two pair of pliers trying to release those toothy critters. Every drift was met with a couple of kings then the sharks would eat. Seas continued to build. We went through a few true 4-6 footers. Was just too rough to go out look for dorado so we headed back toward port in search of bull reds and sharks. The good water that was off the north side of the jetty was gone when we got back. We fished maybe an hour more with only a couple of sharks and a gafftop to show for it. One of the sharks was a scalloped hammerhead shark. We also spotted a triple-tail but never got close enough to cast at it. The wind quit blowing and the seas calmed down by 3 PM... go figure. Had a great time on the "Big Pond" guys.

1 - One of Jetty Cat's kingfish. This one was released.

2 - Jeremy's second king of the day.

3 - Jetty Cat's first king of the day. Notice the wave behind his behind? Photos don't do the waves justice.

4 - Mike with his first king.

A funny thing happened on one of our drifts... Mike and Clint's lines both go off for the start of a double. Clint's fish goes screaming off one direction with Mike's fish following it. Clint's king doubles back and so does Mike's. They fight their fish side by side, move per move until both leaders surface together with the same fish hooked-up on both of their rigs. It was a hoot watching them fight that same fish. :spineyes:

5 - Jeremy fighting a king on his knees. Yea, it was really that rough.

6 - Clint holding his kingfish just before releasing it.


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Hey those are some good detailed pics and a nice report. I was out sunday with my charter loaded up on the kings a full limit for 4 had a hook up with a nice Mako that really put on a show for everyone involved he made a few runs and couple of jumps later he was off broke the line. I stayed so busy on that one i got no pics but, i believe they did. It was really sloppy out at 20 miles but, the fish were definitly on! I noticed there were huge amounts of sharks out Sunday.
I myself have noticed alot more Kings this yr. than last also alot more larger amberjack and some huge Ling.
It looks like all in all you guy's had a good day of fishing. I didn't see awhole lota boats out of freeport sat.

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Fantastic Fishing Trip

Ray, I had a fantastic time on Sunday. You put us on fish in very tough conditions. That just goes to show how good a guide you are. Your boat handling is superb. I never once felt uncomfortable. If anyone is looking into a trip inshore or offshore I highly recommend Capt. Ray Keeling. I plan on booking another trip next month.

Thanks again,
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