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First thing I would like to say is Mr. Bill is a GREAT teacher.

The second thing I would like to say is I need more lessons.

The Gulf Coast Wood Turners open shop night was at our house last night, and we started a natural edge bowl. I learned how to use a bowl gouge to turn the outside of the bowl. The bowl was left with me to finish today. That was not a good idea. I glued the bark, but that still did not keep me from busting a large piece off. I had several deep groves on the inside, but was working to sand them out and save the bowl. That was when I found a spot that I had turned so thin that I know can see through it. Not sure why that spot got so thin because the rest of the bowl is about ¼ to 3/8 thick.

Mr. Bill I will bring it with me Saturday and coach me on the many things I did wrong.

I would like to thank Mr. Bill for all the help and say want a GREAT teacher he is.

Here are a few pics.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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