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National Holidy today

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:birthday: :birthday2 MY BIRTH DAY :birthday::birthday2 :fireworks :birthday2:birthday:
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Gawd, has it been a year already?? Dont embarass us again this year, ok?? We had to chase you all over the subdivision last year while you were wearing that ballerina dress and carrying that rubber chicken yelling.."It's my birthday, somebody spank me...." (Happy Birthday Bro)
Now, now WVAMEDIC!

Stop picking on your brother!

The nicest guy EVER
from West-by God!-Vir-gin-eyaah!

from your wanna-be-Confederate,

And how old is the "Bubster"? Happy BD dude.
Email me twenty bucks and I'll tell ya................
Sorry I missed it Bub. I had maters, corn, okra and cucumbers to pick.

Hope all went well!
Yo Happy Birthday from Jersey! My Advanced warning system musta' took the day off and didn't warn me this year!! I will have to get her a new Calendar. The Best to ya' from Lin and I
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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