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Got somewhat late start Sunday AM to hit the water out of TCD at 10 AM heading for Galveston's N Jetty. No live shrimp by that time so we setteled for squid and dead shrimp to try and pick up some live bait fish. Got past the boat hole to try the far end of the beach side jetty, decided to move over to the channel side as the NW wind made it a bit bumpy on the beach side. Lots of boats and off green water. Got one whiting that my son and I split in 2. Well my son's big reel with the whiting started screeming, so I casually when about keeping an eye on other things thinking it was going to take a while based on the bend of the rod and striping of line. Next thing I see is we are very close to another boat, the shark was pulling the boat with anchor. Mad dash to turn the motor on and pulled foward, then picked up anchor. The fish get close to the rocks, and the line breaks.

Well then its my turn with the other half of the whiting, fought this one for 10-15 minutes before lanind the 4 + black tip shark. Very strong.

Decided then to go the Bolivar surf, made our way past the boat cut again and got close to shore, anchored and took a dip to cool off (no surf, shore was flat). Make sure to don't try to get to shore along the jetty, we almost got stuck. Try spoons, shimp tails and others but no bites. Headed back to the ramp by 2 PM. Fun day.
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