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My ship finally came in....

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Literally...... been waitin since 1st week of may.....had been put off about 3 weeks, picked her up on thur 7/26.....took "Momma" out for the inaugural run to the end of the jetties.....enroute she stated she was going to catch the first fish out of the new boat......she did just that......and her first as well, she caught a 24" blacktip.....she was quite suprised. i was excited for her! Anyway we ended up fishing a tourney with some friends and only eneded up with 7 trout....the biggest being 23 1/2.....it was rough fishing those couple days....we fished south of marker 37.......approx 5 miles past bird island....and north of 37 over to the Lex.......had fun more than anything, just puttin the boat through some riggers.....anyway here are a couple pics ...tight lines 2 all!!!


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Very cool boat and glad you got to break it in.

That is one fine ride you have there...


Congrat's on the new ride. I have got to get me one of those "Power Poles". :cheers:
Sweet looking boat now go get her bloody lol
Sweet looking rig how do you like it Saw a white one last sunday morning laying on the concrete blocking two lanes of 146 at the I-10 Intersection first one i have ever seen didnt even have the tx numbers on it yet i dont think What kind of speed you get out of that rig and hows it ride
Hey williep what is a "power pole"? I see that on his boat, but what is it and what does it do?
Man those are nice boats. I was looking at one in San Benito the other day and if I only had a spare 50K laying around it could be mine, lol.


congrats on the new ride! Welcome to the club of being able to throw money at a hole in the water!!! LOL!!
Great pictures and Even better rig...hope u enjoy it!!
Nice boat bro!!! I better start saving today.....
Nice ride and the wife caught the first fish, 2cool.
lurnin&burnin said:
Hey williep what is a "power pole"? I see that on his boat, but what is it and what does it do?
lurnin&burnin, here you go:
she is a 24' mod V.......we got into bout 8" of water and she blew through......supposed to run in 4" but want to get the feel for it a little better before i try that. Had 5 people on sat. and bow rises approx 3" on hole shot to plane. Plane's out in a little less than 40' "approx" When banking.....the boat does not roll...we took a hard turn at about 35mph and i thought we were in a stock car....the boat does not dig right on right turns or visa versa....really amazed me as to how flat it turns.....but holds well. the only dislik....due to the 3 tri-tunnel hull......you can feel the drag on the hull when you hammer down...it still runs about 44mph...
That is one fine ship!
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