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My new boat

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I bought a boat. I took a chance and bought one on Ebay... so, all I have to go on is the seller's word that I got what I want... It's a Ranger Bass Boat... with a 175 Mercury OB on the back... trolling motor... fishfinder... needs the carpet replaced on the floor... other than that, it's supposed (emphasis on supposed) to be in great shape. The motor has 40 hours since a rebuild, uses pre-mix gas which I like better than oil injection (don't trust those oil injection pumps), and it's on a relatively new trailer. I'm going to upload some pictures (I hope) and do a lot of praying that the seller is an honest man... here she is...


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Thought that sounded plausible...I'd put money on it.
No Sweat.

I have gotten testy to the point lately that I snapped on my best friend the other day, so I understand where you are coming from. Believe me, she didn't take it well at all! ;)

You might want to really check those bearings, cause if they knew they had a problem, they may have packed the bearings enough to hide the problem. I say this because we do the exact same thing at work sometimes, just to make things run untill we can get to a more convenient time to replace them. And then again, while I "don't" believe that crankshafts "break" without some kind of major trauma, I do believe that bearings DO go out, although catastrophic failure like you are describing usually has some kind of warning sound,especially to the people that are accustomed to hearing something run. The final fact that makes me lean toward the bearings, like you said, the engine WILL crank, although it is possible that you have had a piston failure, coming loose from the crank, thus the screwdriver thru the spark plug hole test. And then again, I could be completely out of tune, so don't take my word as gospel. One of my major faults is that I like to talk about things that are my passions, and fixin' and troubleshooting things is my favorite passion (after fishing with bikini-clad cheerleaders ;) ).

What you have to do is step back for a couple of days, let the problem settle, think about it, and attak it from a new viewpoint. Did you mean anger or ANGLER- clouded mind? LOL
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Do they or do they not have a Swedish Catfishing Team?Inquirin' minds wanna know!!:ac550:
We just got in from the "wake" and while I was there, I saw a couple of folks who probably have build as many motors as any other two people I've ever met... I asked them about what they think could be wrong, based on the description of the way the motor ran... Here's what we decided... I need to pull the flywheel (which I planned to do as soon as I get time... probably Thursday) and see if the crank is "loose" of if it's *just* the flywheel nut has backed off... If it's the flywheel nut, then the joke has been on me, and I'm a DOPE for getting all bent out of shape over nuthin... I hope, but do not expect this is the case... If the crank is loose, then it's obviously broken... then we go to plan "B"... Jerry, my good friend and fellow fisherman, told me that he has another friend who just picked up a 90 or 100 horse Mercury motor for cheap... it is supposed to be in running condition... and he told me the guy is willing to sell it to me *IF* I need it... for what he paid for it, a whopping $130.. can you believe the blessing in that :) If I don't need it, then I'm not even going to think about imposing on his hospitality... So, it appears that I may be okay either way I need to turn here. Being another Merc, all my controls, cables etc. will bolt right up... If it needs some work, then at least I won't have a ton of money tied up in the motor before having to sink more into it... It is an inline 6, which I was told was not the best motor MErcury ever made, but it's a motor... and it's local... and it's not going to put me in debt up to my ears to get back on the H2O... thank God.
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Cool beans,Cap'm Tom in bidness agin!!:cool:
NightTrain said:
Thought that sounded plausible...I'd put money on it.
Well... I hope I'm not too eager to believe the best possibility about an otherwise bad situation... the Mechanic seemed pretty convinced the crank was broke, but who knows... Paranoid me is believing anything is possible about the motor, including my conspiracy theory.... say a little prayer that God has been trying to get me to face up to my priorities here, and the now I've had this wakeup call, that He'll let me off the hook with a messed up flywheel instead of a completely broke motor...

What's this **** about you givin up on fishin?
Way to go! i am glad you are feeling better. Even if you have to get the other motor, you will still be in the hole a "little" but you will be fishing. I wasn't going to give you THAT good a deal, but nonetheless. anyhoo.and all that rubbish. That will even put you back under the legal limit for the boat rating (I wasn't gonna mention that with everything else going on:) ).
Nothin'...goin' nuts with all this freekin' rain...daggone,wouldn't know how to act if'n the fishin' dried up one day.....I know I'd have a ****load more money,but,ya can't spend it in the "loony bin"!!!
I think it's official.... I opened the motor cowl and had a real good look at the flywheel nut... it's tight as it can be... the top part of the crank is firmly attached to the flywheel, so there goes the last best hope that the shaft is in one piece... time to fall back and see how this replacement motor is going to work out, I suppose...

There is one extremely bright note in my day today.... a few weeks ago, I traded my 12' Jonboat to a guy for a 16' fiberglass canoe. It's in great shape and it's been sitting there in the yard collecting leaves and mud (too wet around here for any dust to form). When I got home this evening, I noticed my drainage ditch has a pond forming from all the rain... about 60' wide and 300' long... my two youngest boys were out there playing near the water. So, I grabbed the canoe and paddle and went out for a boat ride "old style" two-armstrong power... The boys had a ball, as did I and after a while Susan came out to take pictures (I'll look at them later and post any good ones I get). I even talked her into taking a canoe ride with me :)

So, although the power boat situation is in the toilet at the moment, my family still likes me enough to go for an old fashioned canoe ride in the flood-provided pond in the yard... the water' still a risin' and there's thunderstorms in the forecast, so that canoe might be my best friend for the next few days... I can feel the little bit of rowing I did in my out-of-shape shoulders, so I'm a little glad we didn't stay out there any longer than we did.... thought I'd share a little good news today.
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Sounds like fun....:biggrin: :slimer:

...My Very good friend,neighbor,and partner in crime,Bob,has some stuff he wants to relate to you .He is a lifelong mechanic and teaches it to High schoolers.Bob....
Hey Tom, Before you spend any money, before you get a replacement engine, before you do anything else,,,,,,,, remove that flywheel and actually confirm the crank condition. Until you do....you are guessing and could make a costly mistake. I could quote you a dozen stories about wierd things happening on engines where the answer seems obvious but further investigation proves some other unexpected thing has occured. Once the flywheel is removed, you can grasp the end of the crank itself and shake it. Then you'll know for sure. Good Luck.
NightTrain,again....we were discuussing your plight over an adult beverage or 12,and came up w/ so many possible scenarios that it could be,Tom,that it was rediculous!All involved taking off the flywheel,first.....We rootin' for ya,bro...keep yo head up!!:cheers:
If the flywheel nut is tight, and I can "wiggle" the flywheel (not just side to side, but up and down and all around LOL) I don't understand how it could be anything BUT something wrong with the crankshaft... unless there's something between the crank and the flywheel on a Merc... I'll do as your friend suggests, but I've given up all hope of it being anything BUT a broken crankshaft... tell your friend that I'd like to hear more of his thoughts on the subject, and I'd be glad to call him, or he can call me during the day at 757-365-2423 If I'm not there I have voice mail...

It sure doesn't RUN like the crank is broke...

Hey Tom, My whole point is.......there COULD BE something between the flywheel and the crank. You owe it to your wallet to find out for sure.

I wrote this reply while nitrain? night-rain?? nit-wit????? whatever his name is... he's making another drink.........adult beverage......

Anyway, Good Luck and let us know what you find...........bbbbob.
If you're not at work... email me a phone number where I can talk to Bob... [email protected]
At work having adult beverages -- Now there is a job .. lol

O/K, now you gotta check your e-mail for the number.
Catfish said:
At work having adult beverages -- Now there is a job .. lol
Well.... I know NightTrain doesn't have internet access at home.... so it took me a few minutes to put two and two together to realise that he must have been at Bob's house when he posted... or he bought a new computer... so I'm a little slow tonight...
I called Bob & Bill (bbbbbob and NightTrain) to talk about these new developments... or should I say possibilities... I'm not holding out a lot of hope that there's a chance the motor isn't completely goofed up, but I told the dynamic duo that I'd give their ideas a try before I haul the motor to the dump (just kidding Bob)... The current game plan calls for me to remove the motor, go get the motor from my buddy Jerry and install it on the transom. I plan to give the old motor a chance to redeem itself, by shopping for a crankshaft and putting it in this winter myself... If I need to... As soon as I get a chance to do what Bob suggested (Pulling the flywheel), I'll post pictures.....
The great canoe trip... Louis and Clark?

Here are some pics from the great canoe adventure of 2004, in our flooded ditch, courtesy of what was left of hurricane Charley....


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