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My new boat

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I bought a boat. I took a chance and bought one on Ebay... so, all I have to go on is the seller's word that I got what I want... It's a Ranger Bass Boat... with a 175 Mercury OB on the back... trolling motor... fishfinder... needs the carpet replaced on the floor... other than that, it's supposed (emphasis on supposed) to be in great shape. The motor has 40 hours since a rebuild, uses pre-mix gas which I like better than oil injection (don't trust those oil injection pumps), and it's on a relatively new trailer. I'm going to upload some pictures (I hope) and do a lot of praying that the seller is an honest man... here she is...


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IF the crank is broken you can generally hear it when it runs. A clanking noise.
Remove the flywheel and see if the crank still moves.
Its possible the top brg has gone out.

There is nothing in the flywheel to come loose and cause problems as you have mentioned. By this I mean rubber grommets to spin out.

Ensure all the small bolts are tight too
The top bearing on the crank shaft takes a pretty good beating over the years. If not properly lubricated it will eventually fail earlier than expected.

Its located directly under the flywheel. It is sometimes accessable without tearing the engine apart

its worth a look
1 - 2 of 70 Posts
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