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My First Offshore Adventure

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This past weekend was my very first offshore fishing adventure. I went out with my fiance, Rebelangler and his friend GregD, on his boat Dream Chaser. We left first thing Saturday morning and hit the water about 9:30am out of Port O'Connor. We were going for an overnight trip. I was excited. Hit our first spot on our agenda and started to trolled and Greg cought a small Dorado, of course I cought nothing , at least not yet. Our second try was in the next spot and it was a reef for Snapper. Of course the triggers were so bad that we coudn't get our lines down fast enough even with the 8oz weights that we were using. Finally we caught a few small Snapper, but threw them back hoping for bigger ones. Nothing...we left and headed for the rig we were going to stay the night at. Trolled a few spots on the way and notta. The plan was to get tied to the rig and Greg wanted to put on his gear and go down and check things out. Getting in close to the rig and and tieing up was a sinch when they were tieing up I was looking off the stern and saw a ton of fish. Telling them to come here, they thought they were Ling, so they decided to get geared up...big mistake they found out that they weren't Ling they were Shark's up to 4 ft. Greg said, "I don't think so, forget diving." Wise choice. Caught a few AJ's, a few Sharks,a Baracuda, then about 7pm after catching a few Blue Runners for bait we decided to free line with balloons and lost 1 AJ and then Greg HOOKS UP. 6/0 screaming we knew it was big. About 30 mins into the fish playing with Greg, he decides to go straight down, 387 ft, and then back out to sea. We untie from the Rig and head out after it. Rebelangler at the healm, Greg fighting and me doing everything else an hour and a half later we pull the fish to surface. 12 ft Shark on 50 lb test and 130 lb mono leader, and a 12/0 circle hook and a knot that Greg taught us. The Shark was huge it probably weighed about 500 to 600 lbs. All caught on night vision video. Touched and then released we headed back to tie up. Started early drifting for Black Fin, didn't catch any. Then the storm rolls in. We got up and personal with a rig I never wanted to know. Heavy rainfall and lots of lightning we were stuck. Greg was a great Captain. He kept us close enough without hitting and I give him thanks. 45 mins passed and it cleared but only for 25 mins. We drifted a few times and then ate breakfast. Little did we know the next one was right over us. Headed back to the rig for cover AGAIN. The storm ended for a little bit and we decided to head in before it got any worse. Got outta there and not long after we did the rig was surrounded by storms. Made a final stop over some reef and decided to drift...dropped lines and caught Snapper. After the first Snapper was in I caught mine. While sittingdown pulling me to my feet he decided he was going to try to take me in with him. Greg caught me and Brian cught the rod. Got me back up into fighting possition and he decided to go to the other side of the boat. Greg sat me back down and turned to do something and he pulled me over the side almost Greg caught me AGAIN. I got lucky. Finally we saw color it was red and big. Greg said, "get the net." Got it in the boat and it was the biggest Snapper we had ever seen. Weighing in at 23 lbs. I caught my first Red Snapper. Headed back to land and the water was smooth. I really enjoyed my very first trip out and give a big thanks to Greg and Brian for giving me a wonderful experience and now I can say that I am hooked. I want to go AGAIN and SOON.

Pictures are: 1: My Snapper 2: Greg's AJ 3: Brian's AJ's
Movie of Shark fight to come soon as we can get it to mpeg


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Were you guys in a Trophy and in contact with a boat called "Catchin Fins" during the storms?
catchin fins

why yes sir we were was that you?
Many thanks to the Captain of Catchin Fins and David, first mate I believe. They had radar and were keeping an eye on the storms for us. I gotta get radar!! Worst weather I've been in out there but we did alright with the help of a great buddy boat. Great fishing tips too! Not sure of the Catchin Fins charter name, do you know Captn C?

Lots of fun with Rebelangler and RNFG, they were great hands on the boat, helped keep things in order, cleaned up, lots of laughs and help. It was a real team effort to get that shark wired. Rebelanger did a great job maneuvering the boat. This couple is good crew for any boat!!

We used a small Excalibur popper and caught all the live bait we needed, will get more of those lures.

My back is still sore but worth it, what a huge shark and a lucky catch, no steel leader, straight 130# mono shock leader as RNFG stated.

The Mat Lib Reef is pretty barren but we managed a couple nice ones off it.
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David is the skipper/owner of the Catchin Fins. You talked to his dad most of the time on the radio. As long as I've know him (30 years) you would think I would know the name of his charter company....:eek:hwell: ....I think it is Texas Bluewater Sport Fishing. He also owns the "Midnight Mistress", a mosterous night/bay fishing bay-cat.

I was the guy in the orange shirt.....I was the one catching all the fish....:rotfl:

We sure were glad to see you guys made it back ok. We wished we had gotten a phone number to call, but we didn't think of it till after we left. It sounds like y'all got out of the bad weather, we didn't. The last few miles we had lightning dancing around (luckly none was real close) and it was pouring down rain.
Roger that Captn C, I kept looking the direction y'all were headed and hoped the best for you too because it didn't look good headed that direction. Glad to hear you made it ok too. I think I'm going to start carrying my curtains for weather like that. Don't usually carry them in the summer it's so dang hot.

We had a pretty good opening to Port O. Stopped at the liberty reef and boxed that nice snapper so that was a good way to top things off.

We did hit some nasty weather and seas about 20 minutes after we split up, lasted for a few miles. 3's spaced a foot apart and rain like hell.

Anyhow, thanks again for the comraderie and weather reporting. Y'all got some nice fish. I'm looking forward to cooler weather, hope to get Mr. Yellowfin in the boat this winter!!
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