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Only managed to get two today. What the heck it's a start. This morning I was talking on the cell phone when I looked up and saw 30 in a flock then I saw more. They were coming in pretty good. I haven't really seen that many until this morning. Then at sunset I only saw a couple. This afternoon farmers were cutting for hay behind our 10 acres. So that may have something to do with it.
I wasn't really planning on hunting but since I saw all those this morning I ran inside and grabbed my Mossberg 835. I really like that gun. Last year it felt pretty heavy and then earlier this year I used it in skeet practice and it was still heavy for me. This time it didn't feel bad at all. I guess I'm in better shape or something.
My husband is down in Hitchcock cleaning up after the storm and I'm stuck up here in Smithville by myself. The hunt today really took my mind off of things.
I'll be out again tomorrow morning. Sunday I have to leave to go back home.
Bummer. I'm really going to miss my Ike Vacation.

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