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My Adventure is about to begin

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A while back I mentioned I was going to OTA. I graduated in March and have finally scraped my 5k together to start day trading. I have been on a realtime demo provided by my broker and have done pretty well in practice. So next week I'll try for real. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.

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Yes you can daytrade with 5k

Yes I did say 5k.
Good luck and be careful--I am sure you know but just a reminder that as a day trader you pay short term capital gains taxes on all earnings --anything held less than a year.

Short-term profits are taxed at your maximum tax rate, just like your salary, up to 35%.

I did it years ago while working as an investment specialist for a large brokerage firm and it can be very addictive--worse than gambling.

Take a look at TradersAccounting.com to get help on reducing your taxes as a trader. There is another CPA out of Dallas who also specializes in traders but I haven't spoke to him yet. There are ways to set yourself up to reduce the obligations, taxes and fees.

Save up another 5K and play in the WSOP.
Too Risky

Poker is way to Risky

Next week should be interesting. Some good buys but still a risky market.
I agree completely

What I have been taught is to trade only one stock. And to take advantage of volatility. My greatest concern is stock being available to short. I short a lot in this market.

I agree, couldn't have picked a better time. Careful and good luck.
Just be careful that you do not trade 4 or more in and outs within a 5 day period. Daytraders are set at a $25000 minimum by the FED and your account will be frozen for 90 days if you make more trades than that. What are you planning on trading with $5K. You could do options or possibly futures, but I would imagine you would be limited to penny stocks.

You can active trade with 5k

1. Volatility is good not bad this is perfect for active trading.
2. Go to Platinumtraders.net to trade with 5k
3. Trading has changed a lot with Nasdaq Total view and level II.

I know how I have done on real time demo 400. to 500. a day trading AAPL but the proof is in the pudding so I let you know if it works as well live. Stock available to short is my greatest concern.

WoW TX Chicken you were at the start

Man you were doing that in the days of level I or less. That was an exciting time for trading but very hard to do. That is when the guy that taught my class got started also. He was on a floor in Ca one of the 1st day trading floors. They were visiting I believe it was Merrill Lynch and discovered several people just trading one company. I believe it was MSFT at the time. They got to know everything about MSFT and traded up and down all day if they had 3 strikes they quit for the day. Anyway they took this concept and combined it with their trading knowledge and formed a school. So many of there grads went to Charles Schwab and did well that Schwab bought them out. Then the layoffs a Schwab came so now they have their own school. I have found it to be a good safe way to start even though it is in an area that has been considered risky.

Today you can view the books in Nasdaq Total View and Level II. I was also taught trading strategies and let to live trade with their account. Just 10 shares but I made money.

Sorry about the long read.

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I've got some friends who have made and lost fortunes in day trading. I'm a bond guy not a stock guy, but it's still interesting, keep us posted on how your doing.
That's My Plan

I am a teacher and the start of school has slowed me down. I know I need to be patient and go slow. I'm waiting till my computer time goes back up before starting to trade.


My dad made 600% in less than a year short selling, then he lost it all, as well as all his savings, and eventually his marriage. Let me encourage you to be careful, and remember to limit your risk, and diversify, Don't do just one item, too risky.
So far so good

I doing about a 100 to 200 a day. I am in about an hour. I do monitor the market most of the day but once I make my goal. I quit and plan for the next day.

New 5k trading co.

http://www.worldwidetradingcapital.com/platforms.asp I just found this and allows you to active trade with 5k. The platforms seem better than the one I am useing and I may move there.
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