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My 5 favorite popular tunes, what are yours?


I could make a list of about 100 songs but could not tell my favorite one, it seems to change.

Five I do like to hear often are as follows

1-Living In America --- James Brown, the Godfather of soul, the hardest working man in show business.

2-All along The Watch Tower --- Jimi Hendrix

3-God only knows what I would Be with you --- The Beach Boys (Mc Cartney's favorite song)

4-Sexual Healing --- Marvin Gay

5- Losing You--Rare Earth

Favorite albums?

Abby Road, Beatles

Band On the Run. Wings

Pet Sounds--- Paul McCartney said this may be the best album ever recorded.

Heart of Gold Niel Young

Concerts I have seen over the last 40 years aren't so many but I enjoyed them.

Hendrix at home here

Rod Stewart in Charlotte

Crazy Horse

Santana,out of the country

Bob Dylan & the Band in Seattle

Johny and Edgar Winter

My memory is failing me.....

James Gang


and the BEACH BOYS :birthday2

And someone else, maybe Goose Creek or Poco.

I was a Dinosaur while in Tacoma and made it to all the

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Every song we like seems to have a meaning. For us guys it's usually got something to do with a woman. LOL

My list.......drum roll please.

1. Rambling Man .... The Alman Brothers
2. Someday Soon ... Judy Collins
3. Stay... Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
4. Wild Horses... The Rolling Stones
5. With this Ring.... Gary Lewis and the Playboys
6. Moody Woman...Jerry Butler
7. A House Is Not A Home... Dionne Warwick
8. Smoke From a Distant Fire..Sanford Townsend Band
9. You Can't Always Get What You Want... The Rolling Stones
10. Karma Cameleon..Boy George
11. With Pen In Hand You Sign Your Name...Bobby Goldsboro
12. She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft...Jerry Reid
13. Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone... Roy Clark

The songs depicted in this post were recorded by real artists. For entertainment purposes the time line of the recordings were altered for your viewing pleasure. No animals were harmed in this production. Transgenic fats should not be consumed while viewing this post. Geeze, you get sued for blowing your nose these days.:D

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My five favorites are each a collection of beautiful songs.
I list them according to my preference.

1. La Traviata
2. Madame Butterfly
3. Aida
4. Pagliaci
5. Carmen

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I couldn't make a Top Five list because I have so many favorite compositions, in which many here would scratch their head in bewilderment when I dropped names! For example, the most beautiful song of all time was a reindition of a Renaissance era ballad called "Joy to the Person of my Love" by the Baltimore Consort.

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Take five Brubeck
Moonlight in Vermont Everybody
Stardust Hogie Charmicle
I can't get Started Bix Beiderbeck
Intermission Riff, Stan Kenton

Being a musician I have a Ton More.............Mostly Jazz and Classical
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