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Put in the muddy Brazos and thought I might find some green water down towards Sargent. Went out the mouth and turned right, motored about 2 miles and still muddy. Went back towards the Freeport jetties and found good water about half way between the river and the jetties. Got multiple blowups on Topdog but no hookups. This was in 4.5 ft of water off the beach. Doa shrimp under a mauler nada, TTK red killer in maroon/black back, nada. All they would hit was the topdog and they would just slap it. Bait was everywhere and so were the porp/dolphins. Threw the castnet and got about 25/30 yellow tail shad almost as big as my hand. Put one on bottom and drifted and lost about half of it to crabs. Gave up on the gulf side and went to Mudd lake. Fishing was slow but managed 3 nice reds 25,26,27. The 26 was a hoss. Was getting a beverage from the front of the boat,turned around and the rod was bent about 100 degrees and drag was screaming. Went over and around everything in the boat during the fight. She made 4 big runs to the oysters and I kept her up out of them. Got her next to the boat and she made 2 runs on the bank in 8 in of water and grass. Kicking mud like she had four wheel drive. Very exciting and satisfying. dwood
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