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Heard ya got your butt kicked pretty good Monday morning Jack

Hope your alright, and didn't suffer too much. Heard about the flattening and all. Glad Guy stayed there to give ya a hand. I told ya'll it was gonna storm.:p

I hear ya about the tiredness and all, we still haven't cleaned everything up. I am sunburned pretty good, so is Joey. I shoulda listened to Guy about the sunscreen, but like the stubbourn fool I am, waited till Kieth walked up and said something to me like 20 minutes later. When he said it, I figured well that two people, I guess they see something I don't, THEN I put sunscreen on... too late. LOL Joey's face got it pretty bad, one eye was practicly swollen shut yesterday morning, but it was much better as the day progressed. Live and learn.

Anyway, hope all is well. Tell Miss Pam it was really great to see her again, and I enjoyed our little visit.

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