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Moving a House?

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Do any of you know a ball-park figure on how much it cost to move a pier and beam house?
I do not even know where to begin. Any suggestions on companies to call, also what are the basic requirements to be able to do this. Can any pier and beam house be moved?

It is about a 1400 square foot single story home.
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Where are you located? 2 main outfits here in League City are Marsh House Movers and Cherry House Moving. It will depend on how far you have to move the house and accessability, width, etc.
I don't know where you're you wanting it done at,but here's a number to a guy I know that has been doing it for a long time.He works out of Brazoria,but it's worth a call.If he can't do it he can probably hook you up with someone that can.
Buchanan House Moving. 979-798-9690 mobile 979-299-4274
Old Texas house moving in Huffman gave me the best deal.... PM me and I will shoot you my PH # and let you know what you are in for..... I had one moved from Houston Heights to Baytown...... 1600 sf.... Had to cut it in half......
The House is actually in South Side place (between West University and Bellaire)
A new lot has not been purchased but lets say under 20 miles.

I dont have any dimensions of the house

I am thinkin something like this would cost between 20k and 30k or are those numbers way off. I really have no idea what something like this costs, and all internet searches are turning up empty.
Cherry Movers is the one I see hauling everything out of Shady Acres. They come down my street about every other week.
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