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The Trout are Still Biting

My report will be a little short this time. I've been really busy fishing!

When the wind goes North they slow down but, when is backs up to southeast or southwest the trout tear up the bait. On one trip this week with a party of two clients, they caught 34 nice sized trout. all of them 15 to 20 inches. That did not include the shorts. We were back to the dock by 10:30 am with our full quota. Not a bad day. Shoot, it was a great day!

There are jacks around too. While catching speckled trout we watched a school of jacks devouring a school of finger mullet. What the jacks didn't get the birds picked up.

There are also some bull redfish out there. On a trip this week, after catching our limit of trout we found a school of big reds and decided to play with them for awhile.

Chris from Arkansas caught one 36 inches long and his friend Bob caught one 33 inches long. Man oh man! Another great day of fishing!



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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