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Decided to take the wife fishing yesterday and enjoy the day. We picked up some live shrimp and finger mullet. We headed for Dollar Point and launched to get just outside of it and the main power switch went dead. I did quick check of connections but could find nothing wrong. So I made a call to my fishing partner NITROSALT. It was early but he rallied and meet me at Dollar Point. He ran a check and found that the main fuse of the battery had failed. So we bypassed it and got underway.

As I approached Moses Lake I decided to fish the outside of it in about 4.5 ft of water. We began fishing with shrimp and mullet free lined. And Pam hooked up first on a solid Sandie with some huge shoulders. After that it was on and on strong. We hooked up to some solid speckled trout 20 to 23" and the biggest being about 4lbs. We end that battle with 12 trout in the boat. We headed into Moses Lake and fished the south end and landed a slot red 23".

We fished about an hour longer and called it a day. It was windy but the bite was great. Sorry for no pictures on this trip!!

A special thanks to NITROSALT. Mike and I have been friends ever since I bought my boat. He works for Bass Pro and if anyone out there ever needs your boat fixed, he is the guy to do it. He does have a small business on the side. He is fair and the best at what he does.

Have a great day and be safe!!
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