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January 25, 2008

In a surprise press conference, Corpus Christi city officials and local military authorities confirmed rumors that as many as twenty-five anglers have been abducted by space aliens from various locations along the shore of Corpus Christi Bay and the adjacent flats.

The announcement was made when the group of abductees was returned to the planet en-mass by the space aliens to a secret government facility located in the Naval Air Station at Corpus Christi. A government spokesman who declined to be identified stated, "It seems that, despite their best efforts, the space aliens were unable to assimilate these fisherman into their collective." Authorities also indicated that the fisherman may have posed a threat to the collective, but would not be more specific.

According to authorities, the Corpus Christi 25, as I have dubbed them, were taken by the collective from at least twelve spots along the Bay and all the way to the Land Cut. While most of the abductees were fishing alone when taken, several parties of three or more were also abducted. In all cases, the abductees were lifted into a small spacecraft by a beam of some sort and then transported to a mother ship. The most recent abductions occurred between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM while the abductees were night fishing. Authorities refused to identify the specific areas from which the anglers were taken, disclosing only that the first abductions occurred in the Hog Island and Red Fish Bay area.

The abductions allegedly started in early September and continued to mid December when the space aliens finally gave up on the assimilation project. 2Coolfishing.com has learned in an exclusive press conference by a well-known, reliable secret agent, who functions as an important expert on extra-terrestrial matters, that it appears when attempts were made to assimilate the abductees, the uniqueness they gave to the collective was an individual compulsion to abandon their responsibilities to the collective frequently and return to Corpus Christi and find a quiet place to go fishing. The source also indicated that the affected drones began using the collective's replicators to make various fishing lures and soft plastics of all description. "If the infection had been allowed to spread throughout the collective, it could have destroyed their whole operation.

A fishing obsession is nothing to be taken lightly - as the space aliens have now learned." according to the source. Several of the drones reportedly began replacing their arm implants with permanent fishing reels and rods. At least two drones modified their eye implants to include depth finder capability. "It's very likely these fisherman saved the planet from assimilation. In every case, the aliens were unable to remove the inborn fishing instinct before assimilation." according to the source.
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