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More Snakes than Usual

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I've only been hunting in Texas for a short time - since 1999, but so far I've seen more snakes than ever before. Anyone else had some encounters? I saw a giant sized rattler on the road on the way to a dove hunt. Then, when I was scoping a place out for my feeders my buddy and I saw an even bigger rattler. I'm thinking all the rain has made more food for mice and birds, which in turn means more food for the snakes.

I think I'll head out to Bass Pro and pick up a pair of the snake boots they are always selling. (Anyone have any thoughts on them.)

One great thing is in the middle of the day when we were looking for a place for my feeder we must have spooked a great looking buck. I was putting some marking tape on a tree when I heard a commotion to my right. Sure enough a big buck jumps up and takes off. Probably not more than 20 yards from me. Man, if that don't give you a case of the Buck Fever nothing will.
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I've kicked up two rattlers at work this summer on GAlveston Island. Got my snake leggings on my truck now. I never really worried about snakes until I almost stepped on one on an afternoon duck hunt at Brazoria Refuge while I was by myself. Since then, I don't like them very much
I've had Chipewa snake boots for about 4 years now. They are the most comfortable boots I've ever had. They have Vibram soles like Rockport shoes. Carter Country sells them. I think they are around 130 bucks.

Also, I have a BUDDY WITH LACE-UPS. He never wears them because they are SOOOO HOT. I have the pull ons, and they aren't any hotter than regular boots. They are just hot higher up.......
I have a place just north of houston about an hour and a half. Over the past two months I have seen more rattle snakes than the previous 10 years. During some maintenence mowing of a 30 acre pasture I exposed 6- 5ft timber rattlers in one afternoon. I ordered some snake chaps for the first time from cabelas last week.
BassPro Boots

Say I know what your talking about,I live out in the country .And this year so for I kILLed 4 copperheads around my house,and two at my mothers house.I also think the rain has made the snakes move around more.The biggest copperhead that I killed was 18'' long,and about 1''in dia.
I have had the snake chaps for years 1987,when we hunted up at Richland Creek on Parks And Wildlife land.They are real good but so darn hot,that most of the time you will not wear them.What I've got now is the BassPro snake boots.But I wish I had spent the extra and got them in GOR TEX. They say their 100% waterproof.But this is until the waterproofing wears off.Always carry you a can of waterproofing with you,after alot of walking in water.
But other than this they are 100%better than the snake chaps.
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I have some with gore tex and they still leak but they are four years old too. Stepped on a rattler Saturday under a feeder and jumped when I felt him. Dang thing bit me on the foot but couldn't get through my shoe thank GOD. I hat snakes.
I wear Chippewa snake boots myself. I love them. But, they are he!! to break in. Several guys on our ranch have the waterproof version and they say they are more comfortable. Almost no break-in time.

Speaking of snakes, I found this one in our feed barn this weekend. He was sitting up on a 2x4 near the roof. A buddy of mine says, "Hey look at that snake skin." I looked up and said, "Hey look at that snake!" I took some pics and shoo'd him out of the barn through a hole in the floor. He's probably back by now.


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So far this year I've run into a copperhead, a biggun, and a small unknown snake I caught under my front porch and my wife described what sounds like a big chicken snake she saw in the garden. After clearing about 2 acres of very grown up woods in the back of my place I didn't see any.

Last deer season I ran across one while I was trying to cross the creek on my 4 wheeler with a couple of deer. I finally found a place where I wouldn't get hung up on cypress knees and there was about a 12" x 3' log in the way. I stuck my foot under it to flip it over and out of the way and as soon as I realized what I did I felt this bad feeling, looked down and there was one po'd cottonmouth coiling back getting ready to strike. With the aid of a stick an my hatchet he made my third kill of the day. I knew better than that.
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I think it is time to repair the barn floor:work:
Bucksnort said:
I think it is time to repair the barn floor:work:
Nah, he's in charge of the barn rodent control effort. Besides, he don't eat corn.;)

3 Copper-Heads bit the dust in Montague County this weekend. They moved into our camp. We had to evict. Happens most every year.

No dove found in Rocksprings this past weekend. Did see my first rattlesnake on the ranch. The snake skin, less head, was mounted on a board and measured 60", less the rattle! I now wear my high top hunting boots religiously!!!
We saw very few dove in rocksrping this weekend also.
In the fall the threat is more from bacteria from copperheads than venom. At least that's what the doc told me 5 years ago when I got bit on my right forearm while rooting around in the horse barn at night for more lawn chairs. The light had gone out a couple of nights before. Anyway, I found a stack of chairs, reached to grab them and felt something hit my forearm. I went back out to the party we were having and showed my girlfriend because there were 2 puncture marks and they were bleeding. Anyway a doc friend (My girlfriend was a tech at South Austin Hospital and we had about 12 doctors there, LOL) took a look and we went to the ER a little while later. The arm swole a bit up but not much venom was injected evidently. A bacteria infection was the real risk. He said in the fall the snakes hunt actively before hibernation so when they bite the rats and other rodents, they get the bacteria on their fangs and when they bite you, you get the infection along with whatever venom they inject depending on if they were suprised or not, the age of the snake, etc... Twice I've been bit by snakes and twice I've been lucky. I've learned more than any one person should know.
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me and my boyfriend were at our property in Rock Springs over the Labor Day Weekend and he killed a 5' rattle Snake,
we have seen lots of snakes this year, I am definately gonna get some snake boots
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