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I have had several questions this week on .dll's
What are they, and where can I find one?

OK, they are Dynamic Link Libary.
A file code containing functions that can be called from other exe. (excutables)
(think of them as a short cut for programmers so they don't have to figure out how to do a certain job.)
You may get a warning that a missing .dll could not be found after you delete programs or make upgrades that changes files.
A good place to find missing .dll's is here.
There are also Ocx, Vxd, and Sys files to be found there. Always before installing a file, remember that even if the name is the same there are different versions, so be sure to check what you have and if there is not one listed you have the general version. And like every other file you delete, it is always safer to make a backup or copy before you delete.
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