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With Allcoast down bigtime I thought I'd post here and hope you get it. I have your contact info there and cannot access it. I have a new computer at home so don't have any contact info for you there either.

When would you like to get together for me to get the stuff for the GEM trip? Unless you have plans this weekend then Saturday would probably be best. As I understand it a call is to be made by the Captain tomorrow as to whether the trip is on or not. Personally, I'm not getting a big warm fuzzy with almost all projections showing that dang $*$R#(&@&@^@&*@(^# Ivan off the southern tip of Florida come Monday morning.

Let me know when would be a good time. I can come by this evening, tommorrow, or Saturday.


214-387-9064 (home)
214-777-1864 (work)

[email protected] (home)
[email protected] (work)

I unfortunately don't have access to my home email at work anymore.

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