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Minnkota 3X owner

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Well my trolling motor is still in the shop after three weeks now. It is only two months old and it totally crapped out on me. The boat shop is of course draggint their feet on fixing it. Has anyone else had issues with this troll motor or am I the only one?
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You are not the only one, but I have had good luck so far!(cross yo fingers) , LOL , I know they are not the favorites of many, and some LOVE them?
I could not pass mine up for the PRICE(no way). I have grown accustomed to it.(it has grown on me)

I won't own another one though.I like the new piston assist on the newer MK's Riptide series. And the straight drive. The 3X is a neat concept that needs to be refined some. I only have to move mine small amounts to turn and reverse is awesome..

What is wrong with yours elaborate some..?
i have one and never had a problem with it so far either..are you getting power to your batteries and trolling motor...check your plug for corrosion male and female ends or it could be a wiring problem..do you have breakers on the batteries..be sure your batteries have water in them..or it could be that the trolling motor is defective..how old is it..if it is new take it to g and s trolling motor(281-441-9165) they are a minn kota warranty center
Yes, I agree RedXCross, they do have the right idea, but need some tuning. To elaborate; It started first thing one morning. It almost sounded like a bad bearing(Dont know if they have bearings). It would make a grinding roaring sound then catch like nothing was wrong. The next day it was just unbearable, because it very seldom caught. In the end it would not even come on until turned to 5. I just spoke to the boat shop and they see what it is doing but do not know WHY it is doing it. They brought it a for real trolling motor repair shop.
Super. We have that same trolling motor. Had a problem w/power issue. hubby wired it straight to power and works like a charm. We took it back to GCTM and they told us what the problem was, the plug.
I had the circuit board go out in mine. It wasn't grinding, but would work fine and then at some point during the day would stop coming on until I put it on four, and even at 10 would only be half power.

I found out my wiring was too light. I needed 6 guage and it only had 10 guage. By that time it had damaged the circuit board. Fortunately MK fixed it under warranty. Now everything works great.

The guy at Gulf Coast Trolling Motor told me that improper/inadequate wiring is the biggest cause of problems for the MK motors.

It took about four weeks to get it fixed though.
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