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Just a quick FYI - Kyosho just sent me the latest price sheet, and they dropped the MR-02's to $129.99 RTR, and $99.99 for a car set only. AWD stayed the same at $159.99 :( $129.99 for the car only.

No sign of the FM board that they have in Japan, I guess we will not get it until we complain loudly.

If you are a flyer, Kyosho has some sweet EP airplanes that on par with Hangar 9 planes.

777 ST-R $769.99 (not sure if that changed)
Looks like a RTR version in Sept for $399.99

Have a good weekend racing!! I have to baby sit in-laws.....?...

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We had some awsome racing today bro! We had two classes of stock Z, one mod Z and two 1/18th scale classes. Hope you can make it out for the Big one!

Ill be needing a new MR02 soon. Ill check ya out! :D
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